This service is the subdividing of property into lots. The process includes locating existing utilities, irrigation etc. in relation to the property.

The property boundaries are located and lots are created within the boundaries including right-of- ways and easements. Property corners are set for each lot and the entire subdivided land, a plat is created of the lots configured and is recorded at the county or city clerk and recorder’s office. This type of survey requires approval by local government authority such as city, town or county. A title commitment is required.

Delta County Subdivision Application

(Wilmore and Company can guide you through the entire subdivision process please check out Subdivision Planning.)

Professional Land
Surveying Service

  • Planning from sketch plan to preliminary plat to final plat
  • Lot design including roads, utilities, access, drainage, topography, lot configuration, solar gain design
  • Locate property corners according to legal description
  • Locate easements and right of ways (title commitment needed)
  • Locate surrounding owners property corners according to legal description
  • Locate all improvements inside property
  • Locate all exterior fences
  • Stake Right-of-Ways, easements, curb gutter, sidewalks and subdivided lots
  • Analyze information gathered and put in AutoCAD drawing
  • Create survey plat with information gathered and analyzed.
  • Set property corners in correct position on your property
  • Create mylar, record at government agency
  • Supply customer with a 24×36 plat of boundary survey

Property Owner Benefit

  • Selling lots created and receive profit
  • Ready to list property with realtor