An ALTA/ASCM land title survey is a highly detailed boundary survey and improvement survey in one.  The sale of an individual home generally does not require an ALTA Land Title Survey.

Lenders and title insurance companies often require and ALTA Land Title Survey for the sale, transfer or refinancing of commercial properties.

Professional Land
Surveying Service

  • Locate property corners according to legal description (title commitment needed)
  • Locate easements and right of ways
  • Locate surrounding owners property corners according to legal description
  • Locate all improvements inside property
  • Locate all interior and exterior fences
  • Locate exterior fences, water sources, ponds, ditches, easements, right of ways
  • Shoot in topography of land
  • Analyze information gathered and upload in AutoCAD drawing
  • Create survey plat with information gathered and analyzed.
  • Set property corners in correct position on property
  • Create mylar, record at government agency
  • Supply customer with a 24×36 plat of ALTA survey

Property Owner Benefit

  • Creates a complete picture of property
  • Clear picture for mortgage company of lender
  • Title commitment is not subject to conditions of easements and restrictions
    outside of property.
  • Protects your investment
  • Knowing where your improvements are in relation to the property
  • Peace of mind location property boundary is properly established
  • Know where new fences can be placed
  • Know the total acres/sq. ft. that are owned.
  • Increases the re-sale value
  • Clarifies any boundary issues with neighbor