Boundary line agreement surveys or property line agreements are when, neighbors agree on a common boundary, because of possible gaps, overlaps or lack of evidence of surveys. A permanent “agreed” upon boundary and new legal descriptions are created monuments are set. Property corners are set and a plat is created and recorded at the county or city clerk and recorder’s office.

This type of survey requires approval by local government authority such as the city, town or county.

Professional Land
Surveying Service

  • Locate boundaries between owners that are in question because of gaps, overlaps or lack of evidence of surveys
  • Analyze information gathered and upload into AutoCAD
  • Create survey plat with information gathered and analyzed
  • Set property corners in agreed upon position on your property
  • Create mylar, record at government agency
  • Supply customer with a 24×36 plat of Mining Claim boundary

Property Owner Benefit

  • Peace of mind
  • Peace because of agreed upon resolution with neighbors
  • Re-sale value increases
  • Cleans up disputable line